representations of the body
from the permanent collection
Heard Museum

physical/digital: representations of the body from the permanent collection
is a digital exhibition taking place in a virtual environment. During this time of remoteness, social distancing and isolation, our corporeal relationship to the world, and to one another, is much altered. This exhibition seeks to look at the ways in which artists from the 20th and 21st centuries have approached representation of the body over the past 50 years, addressing and redressing the corporeal self in landscapes and spaces that ask us to question how we engage with and fit into those spaces in person and in the digital realm. Works included in the exhibition depict the human form, as well as animal forms, inanimate objects that reference the body, and objects used to move the body. These works ask us to consider how we engage through remote modalities, looking at movement, transmotion and sovereignty through the expression of form. Through sculpture, found objects, painting, mixed media and photography, digital/physical seeks to create broader access to the fine-art holdings of the museum to diverse communities locally, nationally and internationally.

T.C. Cannon
Harry Fonseca
Bob Haozous
Frank Buffalo Hyde
Courtney M. Leonard
Cara Romero
Paula Rasmus Dede
Fritz Scholder
Emmi Whitehorse
Will Wilson
Steven J. Yazzie